about us


Daya Emergency Care Center is a novel concept to the region aiming to bridge the medical facility and expertise gaps in a town like Valapad. The center offers comprehensive emergency care and treatment right away, without wait. Daya ECC is specially equipped to provide the highest level of care for all types of emergencies like abdominal pains, accidents, heart attack, snake bites, severe burns etc. Person suffering from any types of medical emergencies can be transported to Daya ECC where a dedicated Emergency Physician and emergency trained allied staffs are ready to treat the condition. The centre has state of the art CT, Ultrasound, X-ray, Lab and Pharmacy services.


  • To save lives through timely patient-centered emergency care driven by evidenced based decision making and skills

  • To make emergency care easily accessible to all strata of society and in remote areas where tertiary care hospitals are not available Values In